Oceanfront Endodontics


Virginia Beach, USA

The is the head office for a dentist who decided to move back home from (the hustle and bustle) of Fairfax, Virginia to (the relaxation and surfing) of Virginia Beach, where he grew up.

We had designed an addition to his Fairfax home (The Martin Residence) a few years back. He wanted an office that expressed the layback attitude of this beach resort town (being a surfer dude himself).

The main entrance wall is lined with x-ray art work that intends to relax the visitor and present this as an alternative to the stark, institutional buildings that usually house endodontics professionals.

We approached this office, usually associated with pain and anguish, with a touch of play and relaxation. The front desk was made of wood "pulled" from the atlantic ocean one block away from this office.

The interior is contemporary, simple and colorful.